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Parent Groups

Michael A Kostek School has an active and engaged school council as well as successful fundraising society. We are grateful for the support that these two groups of parents provide.

The School Council and the Fundraising Society meet jointly approximately once a month. All parents are encouraged to attend these meetings and to become involved as much as their time and personal schedules allow. 

Our school council focusses on building a community at MAK and works in collaboration with the school fundraising society to sponsor family events such as welcome coffee meets, family BBQs, and ski nights. The school council frequently serves the parents by providing coffee at evening events.

The MAK Fundraising Society runs a very successful fundraising program, including a casino, fun lunches, a magazine program, and gift card sales. The money raised by the society enhances the learning at MAK by contributing to the acquisition of new technology, sponsoring residency programs, and improving the learning environment.

Please consider joining our parent organizations to support their work to whatever degree you can. We appreciate your involvement! Please call the school office for more information.